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Why is this year the best year to hunt Utah’s general season elk hunt?

Utah_Spike_250Now that I have given you my “soapbox sermon” on why Idaho is such wonderful place to hunt, let me share with you one of the good reasons to hunt Utah this year. If indeed you apply for a limited entry or once in a lifetime tag and you do not draw, there you sit with your Utah license. Well if you still want to hunt Utah general season for any bull or spike only bull elk, you should know this is the “best” year to hunt general season elk in Utah and here is why.

Utah has Saturday specific openers and not date specific like most surrounding states, so it has a “floating” opening date and this year is the earliest it opens and in my opinion takes place while the elk rut is still quite active. This year’s general season elk hunts, including spike only elk hunts, opens October 4th. So if you ever wanted to hear bull elk bugling in the rut, this may be year to hunt Utah’s general season elk hunt. And if this is your first year ever or you are applying and getting close to drawing in one of the limited entry areas we guide; please don’t rule out a spike only hunt. They are very educational, can give you a lay of the land where you will eventually draw and are very affordably priced for full blown western pack in elk hunts.

Again, contact us call if you have any questions on Utah hunting seasons, applications or general hunting info and good luck in the draw!

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