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True Old West Atmosphere Wilderness Buffalo Hunt

Buffalo-Bookcliffs-Camp-2016Have you ever dreamed of hunting Buffalo from horseback in a remote Roadless setting where no trucks or ATV’s are going to interrupt the hunt? We have a great opportunity to do just that! If you have Utah points for Buffalo or even if you don’t and want to start building points, don’t put your application in until you talk to us about a horseback hunt. This is a true old west atmosphere Buffalo hunt! Tent living, dutch oven cooking, guitars around the camp fire at night, and days spent in the saddle. And not to mention big Bull Buffalo! Bring Roaming-Buffalo-Bookcliffs-2016a piece of the old west into your hunting experience with us. Call or email us now for details. Application period is Jan 26-Mar 2, 2017.

We will be in booth 2344 at the Sportsman’s Expo on Feb 16-19 located in the Salt Palace in SLC Utah.  Stop by and ask us about this hunt!

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