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Reason number 6 to head to the high country

Ok, so you don’t hunt or fish, wildflowers don’t make your heart skip a beat, horseback riding is great for cowboys, and hiking…forget it! I bet you eat. And one of natures most amazing gifts are the fruits that occur naturally and in abundance on public lands. Years ago I got interested in all the berries I saw in the mountains and wondered to myself which ones can I eat?

Wildflowers are in bloom

One of my favorite parts of this job, is seeing the wildflowers in bloom. I think there is almost nothing more beautiful than mountain wildflowers in bloom in the high country. This year I was told about a flower I had been riding past for year’s. It is called an elephants head. I was sure that the person telling me, Julie, was pulling my leg as I have been known to “pull a leg” or two, but when I queried almost everyone around and almost unanimously they had all heard of it and then she showed me the flower, I was amazed.

Best fishing in Utah not necessarily on private land

July 24th, arguably one of Utah’s most popular Holiday’s .The mountains are generally filled this time of year with people enjoying the wonders of nature in their own backyards. Utah is home to hundreds of thousands of public land acres available to anyone who resides in the U.S. regardless whether permanent resident or simply visiting from somewhere not America. These lands are the peoples to enjoy and recreate on.

Cal Baxter and family return to Kidney lake in the Brown Duck Basin

Cal began his love affair with Kidney lake in the Brown Duck Basin in 1942. He claims he has been coming back every year accept for a 3 year stint in the Military and 1 year off with heart surgery. Cal has been hiking in all these years and just having pack stock take in the camp equipment. This year, at the age of 79, Cal felt it prudent to ride for the first time.