Utah Lion, Bear, Pursuit, Spot and Stalk Hunting Trips

Utah Spring Black Bear Hunting We are offering Mountain Lion and Bear hunts. We can get over-the-counter tags for lions and have some great areas available. We use great hounds who know their job and love to run lions and bears. These trips can be in very rugged country so the better physical shape you are in the better your hunting experience will be.

Utah Lion HuntingWe hunt and pursue by truck, ATV, foot and horseback depending on what the weather and country will allow. These are really fun hunts and you never know what you are going to find at the end of the trail!

For those of you who love the thrill of the chase without the kill, we are offering pursuit trips. These trips offer great photography opportunities for lions, bears and beautiful country! These trips can also be combined with horseback adventures and are available from mid-November to May 31.

Lion, Bear and Pursuit Trip Pricing

Lion Hunts
Fall/Winter, 5-Day Over The Counter Tag$ 3550.00
Fall Bear Hunts
7-Day Limited EntryTag horseback hunt$ 2500.00
(Spot-and-Stalk only, no hounds)
Spring Bear Hunts
7-Day Over The Counter Tag$ 3000.00
(Spot-and-Stalk AND hounds)
7-Day Limited Entry Tag horseback hunt$ 2500.00
(Spot-and-Stalk only, no hounds)
Pursuit Trips
Fall, 5-day$ 1950.00
Spring, 5-day$ 2500.00
(Pursuit trips available from Nov. 15 - May 31, pick the week)


  • Above pricing is 2-on-1
  • Add $750 for 1-on-1 on any hunt.
  • Fall/Winter trips do not include lodging or meals; lunch is provided daily. Please budget for a hotel and meals.
  • Spring trips and Limited Entry trips include lodging and food. Lodging may consist of a wall tent. You provide sleeping bag, personal gear and weapon.
  • Gratuity, Tax, Tag/License is not included in above pricing.

Prices are subject to change without notice.