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Catered 3 generation pack trip into the High Uintah’s netted “best fishing day ever”

Robert Redd said that he enjoyed his “best fishing day ever” while on a High country trip with his son and granddaughter. Fishing was fast at many waters, but Robert became especially attached to Clements Lake as it performed consistently. Matt, his son appeared to enjoy those crazy (too early to be awake in the mountains) runs every morning before a day full of hiking around to off the trail fishing holes.

UCC involved in High Lakes Stabilization project

UCC (Utah Conservation Corp) workers were packed in to East Timothy Lake to continue their tremendous work in assisting wherever needed on the High Lakes stabilization project. This group of workers job could include anything from removing drift wood from dams to clearing trail to assist pack and riding stock traveling the many miles required to resupply workers from the Duchesne County Water , BOR, USFS, and many other state and federal agencies involved in the project.

BOR begins final leg of their involvement in the High Lakes stabilization project

The BOR (Bureau of Reclamation) crew was packed in to Deer lake to begin the final stage of the High Lakes Stabilization project by removing the outlet works at Deer Lake. Swift creek drainage is closed for the 2010 season so that this project can be wrapped up and public safety during this project has been of paramount concern for all the agencies involved.

Drop camp to Chain lakes for Colorado couple involves scary lightning storm but produces best fly fishing experience of a lifetime

After riding in to pick up a couple from a drop camp in the Chain Lakes Basin of Uintah canyon, they say they had a sleepless night because of a lightning storm, but said also the fishing was amazing and they never saw another person during their stay. So for some amazing fly fishing, it may be time to book that trip you have always been wanting to do.