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Utah’s Bear Hunt Application is going on now and ends soon

If you have been trying to draw a Utah bear tag, now is the time for the application process. The bear hunt application period ends March 3, 2014. If you are not lucky enough to draw your Utah bear tag and are not really interested in traveling to Idaho for a spring bear hunt, you may want to try a Utah harvest objective spring bear spot and stalk only hunt. This year we will be offering only 2 spots for a Utah spring bear hunt in one of the harvest objective areas of Northeastern Utah.

Today is the day

Set your alarms and get that first cup of coffee early, because today beginning at 8 am is the day Utah fish and game begins accepting applications for general season bucks and bulls limited entry hunts and once in a lifetime hunts. Go to wildife.utah.gov to begin your application for some of Utah’s best hunts.

Why is this year the best year to hunt Utah’s general season elk hunt?

Now that I have given you my “soapbox sermon” on why Idaho is such wonderful place to hunt, let me share with you one of the good reasons to hunt Utah this year. If indeed you apply for a limited entry or once in a lifetime tag and you do not draw, there you sit with your Utah license. Well if you still want to hunt Utah general season for any bull or spike only bull elk, you should know this is the “best” year to hunt general season elk in Utah and here is why.

The time is getting close to put in for your Utah limited entry and once in a lifetime hunts

It is almost time to begin the “hunt before the hunt” in Utah. Beginning January 30, 2014 you can start applying for Utah’s limited entry and general season tags for bucks, bulls and one in a lifetime hunts. Remember when you apply you need to first obtain a hunting or combination license and it is good for 365 days from date of purchase.